FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has been at the centre of cheating allegations ever since he confirmed his split from Colombian pop star Shakira earlier this year. There were numerous false reports that have since been debunked, but details about his relationship with current girlfriend Clara Chia Marti continue to raise eyebrows.

The Kosmos Holding founder recently went public with the 23-year-old student, but reports have claimed that they may have been carrying on an affair since before the pandemic. A witness has claimed that the couple had stayed in a Madrid hotel together during the Davis Cup in November 2019.

Now, Spanish publication Marca has revealed that the Barcelona defender met Clara Chia through his best friend's brother. It appears that the cheating allegations have now extended to the other side as well. According to the report, Clara Chia was the brother's girlfriend when she first met the Barcelona star.

The said brother once worked for Kosmos, but somehow Pique's new ladylove ended up being the one employed by the company. The brother lost both his job and his girlfriend in one fell swoop after Pique laid eyes on Clara. Despite both being in a relationship at the time, they managed to get closer, and the rest as they say, is history.

These details were revealed by tabloid paparazzo Jordi Martin. Apart from the new information about Pique's new girlfriend, Martin also made more cheating allegations against the footballer.

According to him, Pique and Shakira had their first major relationship crisis ten years ago. At that time, the World Cup winner was allegedly caught cheating by the Colombian singer.

Martin even named the woman that the footballer was supposedly having an affair with. Israeli model Bar Refaeli, who once dated Hollywood star Leonardo DiCaprio, has now been dragged into the whole Pique-Shakira situation. "That crisis was caused because she found messages with Bar Refaeli, but they weren't just messages as there were intimate encounters," he said.

The photographer did not specify how he obtained all of the information that he shared with the publication. However, he admitted that he does not have a good relationship with the footballer.

"I've always known about his wanderings around Barcelona, because it's a small city," claimed Martin.

Shakira and Gerard Pique
Colombian singer Shakira and FC Barcelona's soccer player Gerard Pique pose during a photocall presenting her new album "Shakira" in Barcelona Reuters / Albert Gea Reuters / Albert Gea