An Israeli man on holiday in Berlin was left with a black eye and fractured fingers after being attacked as he left a synagogue.

The unnamed man, 22, said that he was beaten and kicked by four men who spoke German but with an Arabic accent in the German capital's Wilmersdorf neighbourhood.

"Right after I left, four people suddenly jumped me and cursed me in German with an Arab accent. They beat and kicked me," he said.

"They really had murder in their eyes. I was in shock. Some passers-by came to help and they simply ran away, otherwise I don't know how it would have ended."

"I have no doubt they attacked me because I looked Jewish or Israeli to them," the victim told Israeli outlet Ynet.

The man received medical treatment at a hospital in Germany and is set to return to Israel for further medical assistance.

German police are investigating the assault but believe that it was likely a hate crime as the victim was not robbed.