German integration courses for migrants now include lessons in "flirting and sex tips". According to a new video that was uploaded to YouTube, one education center in Eichstatt is teaching migrant men how to approach German women and smooth talk them.

Following the migrant sex attacks in Cologne and other cities on New Year's Eve, and numerous other reports of women being harassed and sexually assaulted, the courses were made to include proper guidelines for interacting with women, alongside lessons in local culture and customs.

According to sex therapist and project leader Christian Zech, who works with the Pro-Familia centre, one of the most common questions he has to deal with is about how to speak to German girls.

Zech told local television station Bayerischer Rundfunk which is responsible for the video, "The majority doesn't have a clue how to approach the opposite sex in this country."

In one clip, a man named Somalian Sadik tells a female aide, "Wow, you really are quite good looking." The girl then offers him tips on how to behave, such as, "Proceed slowly, step by step. Don't be too pushy," and "Don't jump on a woman because you like her."

Despite the pick-up line training, one of the key points of the lesson is to teach migrants that "no means no". In February, Germany had also started a website to teach the newcomers about sex, reproductive health and hygiene.

Many locals are unhappy about the government using their tax euros to teach asylum seekers to flirt with women, while others have immediately taken offense to the course's title itself – Workshop for Refugees: How Western Women Tick.

"My job is not to protect the Germans against refugees, but to ensure that both do well together," Zech explained while talking about the course material.

Other European countries that have opened their doors to refugees have also started courses teaching men how to behave and interact with women, but with mixed results. In February, a 16-year-old Afghan refugee at a Belgian shelter was charged with raping a female employee a short while after attending an integration course.

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