Amateur paranormal investigators Christine and Dave Thomas revealed that while investigating a site in Somerset, they heard a ghost rudely telling them to leave. The area is popular for the scenic hills. Locals of Somerset shared their paranormal encounters in the area, and the couple claims that there are more than one spirits haunting the popular spot.

Christine and Dave went to investigate the area known as Dead Woman's Ditch on the Quantock Hills in Somerset. While there, Dave reportedly picked up on a faint voice. Soon after he heard the voice, his wife received a clearer message. Christine reportedly heard the rude ghost shout "F*** off" at her. The rude message to leave was loud and clear according to the couple.

Dead Woman's Ditch is associated with the murder of Jane Walford. Her husband, John Walford had murdered her and left her body there in 1789. However, the name of the place predates the murder of the woman. John was reportedly hanged nearby, when he was found to be guilty of the murder of his wife.

In 1987, 29-year-old Shirley Banks was found murdered near Dead Woman's Ditch. Rapist and murderer John Cannan was convicted for the murder in 1988.

The spirit swearing at people is known as the "woman in white." Multiple people in Somerset reportedly have had encounters with a woman dressed in white.

According to Bristol Live, a resident of the area had a paranormal encounter on the road when they were 17. The person wrote that they were driving down the road when they saw a woman dressed in "white, old-fashioned clothing." They continued to drive past the figure but was too terrified to look back after they had driven past her.

Dave claims that paranormal voices are of two kinds. One kind of voice is from a residual memory which keeps repeating. These kinds of voices that people pick up on cannot be interacted with. The other kind of voice is one that can be interacted with. These voices are not heard by most people. He stated that not everyone can detect ghosts, people with weak barriers are more likely to perceive the paranormal. Dave and Christine share their stories and investigations on their Ghost Hunters South West website.

Paranormal investigators are investigating a foul mouthed spirit who reportedly swears at people at scenic spot. (representational image) iStock