A massive alligator has interrupted a golf tournament in South Carolina, it walked across the course as players watched carefully nearby.

The alligator crashed the tournament on 27 March, and simply sauntered along the green back to a nearby pond.

In the video, golfers stop and stare, as the alligator slowly makes its way across the grass.

It came as another alligator was spotted on the same day at The River Course on Kiawah Island, as it snuck up on players participating in the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic's 10th Annual Celebrity Golf Invitational.

At first, the men did not notice as the alligator approached them, said photographer.

One witness told ABC News that once they had been alerted them to the alligator's presence, "they hopped in their carts to zoom off."

In the video, the players are watching the gator from the safety of their golf carts.

A representative for The Kiawah Island Club said that gators often walk onto the courses before retreating back to the ponds.

The invitational raised money for uninsured patients in the area to receive free patient care at the clinic.

It's unclear if it was the same alligator in both cases.

Last month a alligator named after Donald Trump also paid South Carolina a visit.