Park rangers in Texas have been left stunned after giant piles of worms have mysteriously started appearing along Texas roads in the wake of heavy flooding across the southern United States.

A video posted by Texas Parks and Wildlife to YouTube shows various clumps of earthworms scattered along the roads of Eisenhower State Park in Denison. Even stranger is that the bizzarre balls of worms mostly appear to have congragated precisely in the middle of the road, between the yellow lines that break up the two-lane road.

Rangers at the park report that the worms first appeared after a bout of heavy flooding across the state on 29 May. They stayed for two days before heading back into the soil and leaving behind their manure.

Park ranger were left dumbfounded when the clumps of earthworms began to appear on 29 May Eisenhower State Park

The reasons for these worm piles to appear remains a mystery. The two theories the park officials have postulated is that either the soil in the park became saturated by the torrential downpour, forcing the worms to leave for drier ground, or that the worms believed the heavy rain to be a predator, making them coil together for safety.

Eisenhower State Park remains the only state park in Texas to have reported such a phenomenon.

Video courtesy of Texas Parks and Wildlife