A horrified woman spoke of how she saw an out-of-control bin lorry ploughing toward a buggy containing two babies in Glasgow.

At least six people are feared dead and many were injured following the incident in the city centre, which happened while many were out Christmas shopping.

A woman who saw the tragedy unfold outside Queen Street station said she witnessed the huge truck careering toward two children in a buggy.

She said it was too distressing to recount what happened to those unlucky enough to be in the lorry's path when it careered on to the pavement.

"When something is coming up behind them like that, how can they run out of the way? There was noise and bangs and screams," she told Sky News.

"There was a baby in a buggy. There were actually two little kids. It was just horrific.

"The only way the lorry stopped was actually hitting the building."

Emergency crews treated injured victims where they lay in the street. Reports said some of those in the way of the waste disposal truck were thrown up to 15m in the air.