Dramatic footage shows the moment when a controlled explosion designed to bring down six high rise buildings brought down only four in Glasgow on 11 October, leaving two half-standing. As a result of the failed demolition of the two towers, more than 2,500 residents were unable to return home.

The demolition is part of Glasgow Housing Association's (GHA) plan to regenerate communities across the city which will see thousands of new homes built. STV News said that as many as 2,500 people who were evacuated from the local area before the demolition took place will not be able to return home on Sunday as planned, as a result of the explosion's failure to completely bring down all of the towers.

Shortly before nightfall, they were allowed to return to their properties. Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) said no new exclusion zone was planned for 12 October. The initial plan was to demolish five of the blocks as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last summer, but the plan was scrapped. When they were first built in 1969, they were considered the answer to the city's housing problem but became rundown and vandalised.