The Godzilla sequel has tentatively been titled Godzilla 2 Legendary Pictures

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have announced that it will be releasing Godzilla vs Kong on 29 May 2020. The makers of the movie had disclosed in 2015 that they would be uniting the two monster franchises in one movie that will see an epic battle between Godzilla and King Kong. As of now no director has been attached to the movie.

The makers have also announced that a sequel to Godzilla, which was released in 2014, will now open in theatres on 22 March 2019 instead of 8 June 2018. The Godzilla sequel has tentatively been titled Godzilla 2. Gareth Edwards, who is currently in post-production on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be directing the movie.

The shift in release date of the movie will avoid a clash at the box office with Paramount's Transformers 6 that opens in theatres on 8 June 2018. Now, Godzilla 2 will be opening in theatres alongside Paramount's animated feature film Amusement Park. The Gareth Edwards-directed Godzilla, which released in 2014 grossed $529m (£366m) worldwide.

However, King Kong and Godzilla fans do not have to wait much longer as they will get to witness the two super beasts in action in Toho Studios' Godzilla Resurgence and the Jordan Vogt-Roberts-directed Kong: Skull Island. Godzilla Resurgence is set to release on 29 July in Japan. However, a US release date has not been confirmed. But Kong: Skull Island will open in theatres in the US on 10 March 2017.

Warner Bros Pictures has also shifted the release date of an untitled DC Comics-based movie from 19 June 2020 to 24 July 2020, which is widely speculated to be Green Lantern Corps. There is also an untitled movie, which will be released on 25 December 2018. The movie will clash at the box office with a Disney film and Sony's animated Spider-Man movie.