Apart from fashion, presenters, performances, and giveaways, what attracted fans' attention in 2020 Golden Globe awards night is PDA moments when couples and co-stars display their unguarded and cosy side. And one such major yet adorable moment displaying the affection of two friendly people was captured when the "Succession" stars Brian Cox and Kieran Culkin shared a deep kiss.

According to Daily Mail, "Succession" star Brian Cox kissed co-star Kieran Culkin on his lips at the 2020 Golden Globe awards night. The actor who plays the role of Logan Roy leaned forward over the table to kiss Culkin who plays the role of Roman Roy before heading to the stage to accept his award for Best Performance by an Actor in television drama series.

It was Culkin who made the first move as he reached out to Cox for a congratulatory handshake. However, Culkin, who was overjoyed and extremely excited took Culkin by a surprise by planting a gentle kiss on his lips instead of shaking hands.

During his speech, Cox expressed his surprise and excitement over winning this award after 60 years of being in the industry.

"I started when I was two, and I just thought this would never happen for me," Cox said. "So I'm a wee bit shocked."

He dedicated his award to showrunner Jesse Armstrong and jokingly apologised to others for winning the award. He even expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew that made it happen for him.

"Succession" was also named the Best Television Series in the drama category. All in all, the series received three nominations in 77th Golden Globe awards.

Meanwhile, the other PDA moment of Golden Globe 2020 that melt our hearts is when "Marriage Story" starlet Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé Colin Jost shared a sweet kiss on the red carpet. The kiss happened when the two were posing for pictures, according to US Weekly. Johansson was dressed in a red strapless gown featuring a large bow and long train. She paired it up with 120 carats of Bulgari diamonds. The couple has been dating for two years and got engaged in May.

Buzz aldrin brian cox
Buzz Aldrin and Brian Cox at the Science Museum in London Buzz Aldrin

As per the publication, they are not the only couple showing off their love for each other. Michelle Williams and Thomas Kail were also seen holding hands during the ceremony. The couple is reportedly expecting their first child.