Barry Manilow may not have impressed some viewers with his singing after they accused him of lip-syncing during a virtual performance on an ITV breakfast show.

The singer appeared on "Good Morning Britain" to delight fans with a performance of his track "When The Good Times Come Again" following the postponement of his U.K. tour. The 76-year old sang for his fans while quarantining at his home in Palm Springs.

However, his performance sparked questions about whether he was really singing or lip-syncing the lyrics to his song. A few viewers pointed out that he appeared to be "miming" and they were not happy about it.

"Terrible miming and he looks plastic think he needs to retire," one netizen tweeted and another chimed in, "Truly awful .. don't cheat the world by miming .. if you can't sing ...... don't."

"Give it up Barry, it went 30 years ago," another commented, and one more wrote, "absolutely shocking miming."

However, there were those who defended Manilow and disagreed that he faked the song. One fan said, "Wow, anyone who knows the original version can tell he didn't mime this and I think he sounds great."

"He sounds fantastic and if this aired at 11 am in the UK it is 3 am for him! Those of us that have followed Barry for years know he doesn't lip-sync," another fan commented.

'I'll see you again, when the good times come again.' 🎵@barrymanilow gave a special performance of his poignant hit to @benshephard and @CharlotteHawkns.

Barry's UK tour was supposed to start this evening but had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

— Good Morning Britain (@GMB) May 27, 2020

Meanwhile, other viewers pointed out that Manilow may have looked like he was miming because of his face. He has reportedly done too much plastic surgery that prevented him from really opening his mouth.

"So much plastic surgery he can't open his mouth properly!!!! Shame really he was really good singer back in the day, saw him live in Ipswich 6 years ago, really brilliant concert," one viewer commented.

However, there were also those who thanked Manilow for a lovely and uplifting performance early in the morning. They expressed their excitement to see him perform live once the COVID-19 restrictions are over.

Manilow told "Good Morning Britain" hosts Ben Shephard and Charlotte Hawkins that he plans to reschedule his U.K. tour to May 2021. He admitted he is disappointed but understood that it is necessary in order to stay safe amid the pandemic.

Barry Manilow attends the Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons with Clive Davis in Beverly Hills, California
Barry Manilow attends the Pre-Grammy Gala & Salute to Industry Icons with Clive Davis in Beverly Hills, California February 12, 2011. Reuters