Google Doodle Is Celebrating Father Day’s By Displaying A Unique Animated Logo
People in several countries like UK, U.S., Canada and India are celebrating father day on 17 June 2012. Even, Google has also displayed a unique animated logo to pay a tribute to all the father’s. Google

Google doodle has celebrated Father's Day with an animated logo in its homepage to recognise the unique father-child relationship.

In the logo, the alphabet 'l' in Google is represented as a father, sitting on a couch and reading a paper. A robot pops up immediately to give a mug that has #1 logo and just after few seconds 'e', which plays the role of a child, comes and give a hug.

Father's Day is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most of the countries, while some others celebrate it on a different date. New Zealand and Australia celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday of September.

Father's Day is celebrated on 5 December in Thailand while in Russia it is celebrated on 23 February every year.

The first Father's Day celebration began in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd in Spokane, Washington. She is believed to have started the celebration to recognise her father's efforts in bringing up all her five siblings alone after the death of her mother.

Smart Dodd lost her mother when she was 16- years-old.

Smart Dodd wanted to start Father's Day celebration when she came to know about the successful celebration of Mother's Day in 1908.

She strongly believed that Father's Day should also be celebrated to give a great tribute to all fathers in the world. She requested the Spokane Ministerial Alliance to celebrate Father's Day on 5 June, which was her father's birthday. After hearing her request, the Alliance decided to celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June, every year.

Initially, when Father's Day celebration began, it was not a success. Smart Dodd started promoting and raising awareness about the importance of the day in 1930. In 1972, President Richard Nixon declared third Sunday of June as Father's Day and declared it as a holiday in US.