Google has just released a new update to its Maps app for users on Android and iOS enabling them to create lists of places, share them with others and even follow the lists that are being shared by their contacts.

To get started with the latest feature, simply launch the Maps app and find any spot you want to try out. Then just tap on the place name and save it to add the place to your lists like "want to go" or "favourites" or something like that.

You can even add restaurants to a new list that you can name whatever you want.

To get the lists that you have created, all you need to do is to navigate to Your Places, which can be found inside the menu and then open the saved tab. You can find the icons for the places you have saved to lists on the map itself.

You can share the lists via email, texts, social networks and other messaging apps. Just tap the share button to get a link. Once you send a link to your contact, they can tap Follow to pull up the list from Your Places if they need it.

You can always view the lists you have created on mobile or desktop and even offline. Just download offline maps of the areas and then check all the places listed on the maps.