A 42-year-old occult leader repeatedly abused four girls who were forced into his clutches by their own grandmother. Nilson Alves promised the woman that she would win the lottery jackpot if she gave the children as sexual sacrifices to a demon that Alves would summon. Three sisters aged three, seven, and 10, and their 13-year-old cousin were the victims. Police arrested Alves and the grandmother after the siblings' mother reported the abuse.

In Caiapônia, Brazil, a mother became suspicious when she saw her three daughters' behaviour change. She also noticed that her 49-year-old mother has been increasingly insisting on taking care of the girls by herself. Getting to the bottom of the strange change, the mother discovered that the grandmother had been trafficking the children to a cult leader.

Alves occupied a tent where he would routinely abuse the girls. The grandmother wanted to win the lottery so Alves told her that he would mark certain lottery tickets which would surely get her the jackpot. In exchange, the grandmother would have to allow a "demon" to possess Alves and have sex with the children.

India child rape
Fanatic grandmother allowed four girls aged three, seven, 10 and 13 to get raped repeatedly by cult leader. Getty Images

When the girls resisted the woman, she would threaten them with violence. The abuse went on for weeks, The Sun reported. The eldest girl told the police that she would often be raped every day for seven days.

After receiving the complaint, the police raided the paedophile's settlement. The police found multiple objects used for occult rituals as well as Alves' journal. Alves wrote down the details of all the people who came to him with problems that he claimed he solved with black magic. In great detail, he also wrote down the rape of the children. Alves claimed that the children consented to have sex with him.

Upon his arrest, Alves supposedly thanked the police and claimed that he had done the crimes while being possessed by a demon. He stated that he might have been forced into committing worse crimes had the police not arrested him.

The crimes were reported in January 2019. Alves and the girls' grandmother were taken to court on January 6, 2020, to be tried for their crimes. It is unknown if the deluded woman won any money from the lottery tickets.