A deer in Ohio that got its head stuck for four days in an orange plastic pumpkin bucket is free after residents in suburban Cincinnati spent the weekend tracking it.

Anderson Township Family Pet Center said they got calls over four days from people who were concerned for its welfare, but couldn't catch it.

Daryl Meyerrenke who works at the pet centre had warned the residents that it would be dangerous for neighbours to try to rescue the deer.

He said they were determined to help the animal and spent hours following it through wooded areas.

Aaron Meyerrenke shared photos and videos of the deer on Facebook on Sunday (29 October). The animal can be seen trying to make its way through the woods in Anderson Township.

Meyerrenke along with a group of volunteers spent nearly three hours trying to track the deer. They wanted to get as close to the animal and free it from the pumpkin bucket.

Once they were close enough, the volunteers encircled the deer and entrapped it.

They plucked the bucket off its head and the deer is said to have run to a creek to drink water and graze. The animal was not injured during the rescue.

The volunteers shared a photo of them holding the damaged pumpkin bucket.

They celebrated the rescue operation calling it, "The Great Pumpkin Chase 2017," Fox 29 news website reported.

Netizens are sharing the post and calling it the Halloween rescue. Pumpkin has always been a major part of the Halloween festival.

This year Halloween is on Tuesday (31 October) and the popular festival has children dressing up in scary but adorable ghost costumes and going door-to-door trick-or-treating people in order to collect candies.