Donald Trump t-shirt photoshop
A model wearing a t-shirt on the Donald Trump campaign page appears to have been Photoshopped twice Screenshot

The official campaign website selling Donald Trump-branded clothing and merchandise has been accused of Photoshopping a photograph of a white model to give her black skin. Hours later, after allegations spread across social media, the image was seemingly changed for a second time to lighten her skin again.

The image, which originally comes from the JCG Apparel clothing website, shows a white woman wearing a grey V-neck t-shirt. But when branded with Trump's name and his 'Make America Great Again' slogan, the woman's skin appeared much darker.

Although IBTimes UK cannot say with absolute certainty that the same woman appears in both photos, close examination reveals how every strand of their hair is identical in both photos, every crease of the t-shirts is the same, the shape of their collarbones is the same, as is their pose and even some markings on their chests. In addition to this very strong evidence, the tone of the darker model's skin is unusually uniform across her body.

In the hours since the image was first criticised by Twitter users and a number of other news publications, the image on Trump's website has been manipulated again. The colour of the model's skin is now somewhere between the first and second images, with a more varied tone and lighter complexion.

However, the image now has a series of jagged lines along its edges, especially along the outsides of her arms, further suggesting the photo has been edited. The model's hair now also appears to have been modified, especially over her right shoulder, and she now has a mole on her neck. Despite these changes, the creases of the t-shirt remain absolutely identical to the first and second images, but different to all other women's' t-shirts on the website.

There are two questions here. Did Trump's website take a white model and perform a terrible Photoshopping job of making her look white? And, after realising its mistake, did the site then modify the image again to lighten her skin and alter the shape of her arms – or paste the shirt onto a new person entirely? We'll let you make up your own minds.