With Christmas just weeks away, Melania Trump has officially unveiled the decorations for the White House.

The event, on Monday 27 November, featured dozens of trees, music and dancers as the decor, some of which was personally chosen by the First Lady, was unveiled to the public.

But people on social media noticed that Donald Trump's wife didn't appear to look that happy.

Footage showed Trump standing at the top of a set of stairs as she watched ballerinas dancing to Tchaikovsky's Waltz of the Flowers from his Nutcracker Suite.

Standing rigid, with her hands clasped together, the awkward setting was noticed by Twitter users.

Jeromy tweeted: "Holy crap this is so weird."

While ComradeWest said that Melania looked "confused."

Another asked whether anyone had seen her "express joy" ever?

Becky Black said: "I've never seen anyone look as awkward and uncomfortable in their own skin as Melania does all of the time."

Others blamed the staging: "That looks so uncomfortable. Why didn't they at least have her sit down so it looked like a performance? This is just odd looking."

Other images did show the first lady smiling as the press were shown around the decorations.

Some of the decor featured entire corridors lined with tall white Christmas trees, as well as a a giant White House gingerbread house – all under the 2017 theme of "time-honoured traditions".