Each year the White House hosts a lavish Halloween party for children, who get all manner of sweeties from the First Family.

Keeping up with the tradition this year, Donald Trump, joined by his wife Melania Trump, stood on the White House lawn, handing out candy to the various pint-sized guests.

But for some reason, the president completely ignored one child dressed as a giant dinosaur.

The costume, which towered over Trump, was hard to miss, but it appears that the president had his mind on other things.

Trump had greeted children just seconds before, including some dressed as characters from Frozen, but the dino went home without a greeting from the most powerful person in the world.

With the Addams Family theme tune playing him out, the poor child was forced to waddle off.

Trump may have been busy thinking about the big news of the day, which was the charges brought against his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, as well as a former adviser who had been caught lying to the FBI.

Trump is known for having a variety of awkward exchanges with individuals.

Speculation was rife after he tried to hold his wife's hand in Israel, but she batted it away.

Trump also attracted criticism for barging past world leaders at a NATO summit.

And a series of awkward handshakes with the French President Emmanuel Macron has been analysed in great detail.

Donald and Melania Trump Halloween
Olaf gets candy before the dino snub NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images