This year's Eurovision Song Contest is just around the corner – and those lucky enough to have scored tickets for the final are alraedy heading to Kiev for the show.

Ahead of the big day, the NGO KyivPride has put together a map of LGBT-friendly bars, cafes and restaurants in the Ukrainian capital.

"Anticipating the Eurovision, non-government organisation KyivPride has prepared a map of friendly places to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender and intersex people," the organisation wrote on their website.

"These are restaurants, cafés, shops and clubs in Kyiv, this year's host city for an international song contest."

The motto for this year's Eurovision is "Celebrate Diversity".

"The notion of celebrating diversity is at the heart of Eurovision values: it is all-inclusive and all about countries around Europe, and beyond, joining together to celebrate both our common ground and our unique differences, as well as some great music," said Eurovision executive Jon Ola Sand.

Kyiv was announced as the host city for Eurovision after Jamala won the 2016 competition with her song 1944.