US courtroom
File photo of a US courtroom Reuters

Authorities in Connecticut have been left puzzled after two headless chickens covered in glitter were discovered in a courtroom.

Judicial marshals and maintenance staff found the two decapitated fowls on Wednesday (17 January) while investigating the source of the putrid smell that had permeated a state courthouse in Bridgeport, 55 miles south-west of Hartford, the state capital.

The discovery under a bench in the audience area was made even more bizarre as, according to the Associated Press, the chickens were covered in silver, green and gold glitter.

Reports suggest there were no immediate clues about how the decapitated chickens got to be in the courtroom and authorities were investigating the incident.

According to the Connecticut Post, decapitated chickens have been found outside Bridgeport courthouses before, with carcasses placed outside both the Golden Hill and Main Street courthouses in the past but this was the first time they had been discovered inside one of the court buildings.

The placement of decapitated chickens is used in Santeria, an Afro-Caribbean religion, to protect a person from being found guilty of a crime.