The Health and Safety Executive have confirmed they are going to be carrying out an investigation after a man was spotted clambering out of a manhole cover on a main road on 10 March (Friday).

Alastair McCulloch was driving through the small town of Coleford in Gloucestershire when he spotted the man wearing a high visibility jacket exiting the manhole cover situated in the middle of the road.

But the cover didn't have any safety barriers or cones around it, prompting the concern of McCulloch who managed to film the whole thing on his dash cam.

The manhole is positioned where two roads meet in the town centre.

McCulloch said in his tweet: "Not sure who this is or what they were doing, but I'm sure the HSE would like a word."

The incident which took place on Friday has now caught the eye of the HSE who confirmed to IBTimes UK that they will commence an investigation into the incident.

The man who was coming out of the manhole cover was doing so alone when the incident happened, with another man in a hi-vis jacket situated roughly more than 20-feet away.