Met Office report says record-breaking UK temperatures are likely the result of human activity. Reuters

Britain is set to sizzle again today, but storms and rain showers later are likely to break the mini heat wave.

Temperatures in parts of the country are predicted to soar to 31C (88F) smashing a high of 29C (84F) on Sunday, which was the hottest day of the year so far.

But the Met office has warned that the hot spell should subside by the evening as storms roll in, and the weather is expected to be cooler tomorrow.

It insisted heat and humidity will set off some showers today across England and Wales, with the south and east at risk from some rather spectacular storms later on with hail and thunder.

While many have been enjoying the outbreak of sun and the rising temperatures, forecasters are warning the mini heat wave could be dangerous.

The Met Office issued a level two heat wave health alert, from Sunday through to Tuesday morning, for the East Midlands, east of England and the South East, warning of dangers of high temperatures, particularly for the very old, young children and those suffering from chronic conditions.

A level two alert means there is a high chance that temperatures could pose significant health problems with the main risks listed as dehydration, overheating, heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Health Protection Agency Heat wave Advice

  • If you are vulnerable to the effects of heat, avoid going out between 11am-3pm.
  • Drink cold drinks like water or fruit juice regularly and avoid tea, coffee and alcohol.
  • Shut and shade windows when it is hotter outside and open them for ventilation when it is cooler outside.