There will be no new scenes of Henry Cavill as Superman in the "Snyder Cut" as the actor will not be returning for reshoots.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Snyder plans to have additional photography for his new "Justice League." He has reportedly called the major cast members to shoot new scenes. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ben Affleck (Batman), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), and Cavill are said to be part of the reshoots.

However, "The Witcher" star revealed prior to the reports coming out that he is not part of the roster. Cavill told Collider in an earlier interview for "Enola Holmes" that Snyder will use some of Superman's old scenes instead. He did not specify which scenes but confirmed that he is "not shooting anything additional."

"No. It's all stuff that has been already done," he said.

"Obviously I don't know how things are going to evolve and change and adapt depending on now a different length of movie and whatever may happen in post-production," Cavill continued.

"Whatever lessons may be learned from what is it four years since 'Justice League' came out? Four years' worth of fan reaction. For me...I'm now just watching the party," he added.

The upcoming "Snyder Cut" will be re-edited into a four-part limited series for HBO Max. This decision came about after complaints that the 2017 "Justice League" film had many scenes cut when director Joss Whedon took over.

Snyder was forced to step down amid filming because of a family tragedy. Whedon completed the movie but it was not to everyone's liking. Those who have seen the original cut thought it was far better than the one released in theatres. Thus, fans and cast members petitioned for the release of the "Snyder Cut."

Details about the extended version of the DC superhero movie remain scant. The reshoots will reportedly take place in Los Angeles in October for less than a week. It is understandable why Cavill is not part of the reshoots. He is busy filming Netflix's "The Witcher" in the U.K. which just resumed with production with its first few episodes. Fans can hope that there are never-before-seen Superman scenes in the "Snyder Cut."

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Justice league stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller, and Ray Fisher. Warner Bros