Steve Aoki plans to keep playing music even after his death. The musician is looking to cryogenically freeze himself in hopes that he will be brought back to life years after his demise.

According to the Daily Star, the 39-year-old DJ Aoki has invested £200,000 with the Alcor Life Extension Foundation so he can be re-animated decades from now.

"When you die there's a limited number of ways you can be brought back to life. You can be buried or cremated," Aoki told the news website. "I just decided this way I can be frozen at the same degenerated state until there's a way to bring me back."

"I'm assuming we are going to get there – why not? Because people pass away and sometimes they get revived like after 30 seconds and come back alive," he said. "After 150 years, it's the same process, but hopefully my body isn't so bad it's impossible."

Aoki also said that along with him his mother, sister and brothers will also be placed in cryogenic freezers after their deaths.

"My mum, sister, brothers – my dad passed away sadly, so not him," he said.

While Aoki is planning to cryogenically freeze himself to make music for decades to come, the musician recently opened up about the highly-anticipated collaboration with K-Pop group BTS. He revealed that he's working on a track that the group recorded in Korea.

"I'm working on a song that they did in Korea that they asked me to remix and change up the beat and make it my own. It's an incredible song. The guys are so talented and it's a pleasure to work with them and their team. I'm excited about that project," he told Hollywood Life.