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The region of Hokkaido, Xinhua in Japan has been hit by a preliminary 5.5 magnitude earthquake, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

On the Japanese seismic scale, it registered at a level four. Anything from six and up would be powerful enough to lift people off their feet and topple heavy furniture.

Tremours were felt at around 11.42pm local time (2.42am GMT) in the southern area of Tokachi. he

The epicenter was at a latitude of 42.3 degrees north and a longitude of 143.1 degrees east, at depth of 50 km.

Significant damages to buildings and property are yet to be reported, as well as any injuries or casualties thus far. A tsunami warning is also yet to be issued.

The Japan Meteorological Agency added that the earthquake originated from the Uchiura Bay at 50km deep.