Have you spent hard-earned money on products that promise "perfect clear skin"?

If you believe that not only do these expensive and often unreliable products not live up to their expectations but also, sometimes, end up damaging your skin and complexion, it might be time to look closer to home for answers.

Traditional treatments or home remedies may not, we hasten to add, give you the 100 percent guarantee that today's canny marketers are so quick to make. However, they are less likely to have disastrous side effects, they are more likely to be gentler on your skin and they are definitely less expensive!

Finally, if you're thinking home remedies are tedious and time-consuming, well, not always. There are some that are very simple!

Check out these easy ways to improve your skin and complexion, with a minimal of fuss...

Remove Make-Up Every Night: Something as simple as remembering to remove your make-up before you go to sleep can help tremendously. The skin tends to absorb the chemicals in the make-up, leaving marks on your skin overnight. A simple cleanser or face wash, every night, can help keep your skin fresh.

If you have dry skin, it might be better to look for a moisturising face wash or something with foam; oily skin is best treated with gels.

The best home remedy in this case is a slice of tomato or cucumber rubbed, in circular motions, around your face, for a few minutes, followed by washing your face in cold water.

Scrub Regularly: Homemade Wellbeing suggests it is important to remove dead skin cells from your face. These cells stack up on your skin, closing healthy pores and leading to faded skins. The easiest home remedy for this is a combination of almond and honey - one part honey and two part almond paste, mixed in lemon juice. Apply the paste on your face, let it dry for about five to seven minutes and clean with warm water by gently rubbing your face dry.

Home Made Facial: Mix baking soda and milk cream until it foams. Then add honey and continue mixing well. Apply this on your face and wait for 20 minutes. Wash the mixture off with cool water. This is perhaps the simplest face mask available... and thank mybeautyrecipes.com for that.