Lottery winner László Andraschek wants to help homeless people in Hungary
Lottery winner László Andraschek wants to help homeless people in Hungary Screengrab RTL Klub

It looks like fairy tales really do come true, after a tramp in Hungary hit the jackpot with a huge lottery win on a ticket he bought with his last few coins.

László Andraschek has gone from living in doorways to owning a portfolio of properties since he scooped a 630m forint (£1.7m) win in the prize draw.

The 55-year-old won the lottery last year, but his story remained unknown until he recently made a big donation to a homeless shelter.

He bought the ticket with his last remaining coins on the way to a help centre for alcoholics in the capital city, Budapest.

He told Hungarian media: "I had only picked six numbers and the female shop assistant reminded me that I needed to pick a seventh. I told her to make it 24 – it doesn't matter anyway."

But it turned out to be a life-transforming call by the father of three which means he is now mulling over a visit to Italy with his wife – once he has got his first-ever passport that is.

His children have also been given flats and Andaschek has paid off all his debts. He aslo purchased a car, after turning up at the showroom on an old pushbike.

But Andraschek insisted that going from being homeless to a millionaire shall not change him – too much.

He told Hungarian TV: "I have become rich but I have not become a different person."

Life recently got tougher for homeless people with a new law criminalising sleeping rough in Hungary.