Parents of one of the honeymooners killed in a Las Vegas helicopter crash are suing the company.

The lawsuit claims Papilon Grand Canyon Helicopters was negligent because the chopper did not have a crash resistant fuel tank.

Jonathan Udall, 31 and his wife Ellie Milward and three of their friends – Becky Dobson, Stuart Hill and his brother Jason Hill - died at the scene or in hospital from injuries.

Udall's parents, Philip and Marlene from Southampton, claim in the lawsuit the lack of a crash resistant fuel tank made the injuries worse. Sky News reports. They are claiming £141,000 ($195,000) in damages and punitave damages on top.

Their lawyer Gary Robb said: "Mr and Mrs Udall deeply grieve for the loss of their son but their primary motivation now is to prevent anyone else from having to suffer the deadly burn injuries as their son did.

"If this helicopter had been properly equipped with a crash-resistant fuel system, it would have allowed this young man to walk away injury-free."

Since the crash, Papillon has said it will now fit 40 of the crash-resistant tanks to its helicopters.