The driver of a double-decker tram, which had tipped over in Hong Kong, has been arrested on Thursday, (6 April) on suspicion of dangerous driving. At least 14 people were reported injured in the accident.

The driver was later released on bail pending an investigation and should report back to police next month.

Nine men and five women, including the driver were injured, police said. Officials suspect that the 23-year-old driver lost control of the vehicle.

Police have confirmed that the driver was not under the influence of alcohol as he passed a breathalyser test.

Video footage from local TV stations showed fire fighters as the scene of accident while one person wearing an oxygen mask was being carried out of the tram on to a stretcher. Some passengers were reportedly able to climb out of the tram windows while others had to be rescued.

Chiu Shung-hei, an officer from the Hong Kong Island traffic accident investigation team told South China Morning Post, "Police will conduct an investigation ... including looking into the speed of the vehicle at the time, the tram's performance and other external factors."

"This covers road design or whether there were objects in the tracks that could have interfered with the tram's advance," he said.

A spokesperson for operator Hong Kong Tramways said that an investigation was underway.

In February, at least 17 people were wounded when a fire engulfed a subway train, prompting the evacuation of the entire Tsim Sha Tsui station during rush hour causing chaos on the platform.