In a horrifying incident that has been captured on CCTV camera, a woman pushed a fellow commuter into the path of an approaching subway train at Times Square in New York.

The attack which took place on Monday morning appeared to be unprovoked. The culprit, who was arrested from the same area where she committed the crime the next morning, was sitting on a bench at the platform. When a train approached the popular subway station around 8:15 am, she stood up, shoved a 42-year-old woman from the platform and into the train, and hurriedly walked away. The victim sustained injuries after her face hit the side of the train and was taken to a nearby hospital in stable condition.

The perpetrator, identified as Anthonia Egegbara from Queens, has been charged with attempted murder. The 29-year-old has at least seven prior arrests, with the last three arrests also in the subway, reports ABC7.

As unusual as it may sound, such attacks have taken place at subway stations on a regular basis. In November 2016, a woman was arrested on the spot for similarly pushing a commuter in front of a train as it arrived at a Times Square platform. There have been 20 subway pushing incidents this year, compared with 17 at this time last year.

Other crimes including suicide are also not uncommon at Times Square, a global tourist hot spot. One subway rider who had witnessed the shoving on Monday said it was not very surprising, telling the outlet, "This is like what it used to be like in the 80s." Another passenger, CJ Stewart, told CBS 2, "People are wicked to be able to push someone on a moving train, and for what? I don't know, but it's horrible."

The witnesses also suggested that the suspect had timed her attack, and said the crime serves as a reminder to be aware of your surroundings.

Just hours after the attack, a man accidentally shot himself in the leg, which police marked as the third shooting incident at the station this year. The 39-year-old was urinating in the corner of West 40th Street and Seventh Avenue, near a McDonald's and sushi restaurant Wasabi, when he misfired and shot himself in his right leg.

New York subway murder suspect 2016
Woman who pushed a commuter in front of a subway train as it arrived at a Times Square train platform in November 2016 being taken away by New York City police REUTERS/James Carman