German police
German police have been deployed in the centre of the western town of Dueren after a shooting iStock

The German town of Dueren was gripped by fears of a hostage crisis this afternoon after one person died and another was seriously injured in a shooting at a hair salon.

The town centre was placed in lockdown following the incident. Two people, a man and a woman, were injured as a result of the shooting, with the male later dying as a result of his injuries.

A police spokesperson told Reuters: "Shots were reported. A male suspect is in a building complex in the city centre and he may have taken a hostage.

"We have no contact with him and are not aware of whether he has any demands."

The motive of the shooting is unknown at this stage.

However, it later passed that the gunman was the one found dead at the scene. A spokesperson said: "Police special forces found the body of a man who was seriously injured and later died of his injuries. They also found an injured woman who may have been his hostage."

According to the Aachener Nachrichten newspaper, the man had entered the hair salon, called for a woman and fired shots before hiding inside the building with her. Police did not disclose if the man died from self-inflicted gun wounds or whether he was shot by police.