Apple Watch OS 2
How to fix Watch OS 2 update not showing up and update stuck at verifying installation blogdz

Apple recently launched its highly-anticipated WatchOS 2 update with feature enhancements and improvements for its flagship wearable device, the Apple Watch. However, numerous reports on Reddit and MacRumours reveal an inherent bug in the WatchOS update service, wherein the user is unable to upgrade the software as no new update is found while searching for updates via the Software Update section of the Watch app.

The second iteration of the WatchOS aims at enhancing existing features and functional aspects of the device, besides adding a bunch of new features such as Complications, Time Travel, a nightstand mode and more. Unfortunately, the WatchOS 2 also brings its own share of inherent bugs, installation issues and post-update problems along the lines of iOS 9, which is another major software product release this summer from the iPhone maker.

Deleting the user's WatchOS beta profile seems to be the only viable workaround for this problem at the moment, as several iOS and WatchOS beta users are unable to install the latest software update, owing to some unknown bug in the update service. Besides, the traditional method of manually pairing your wearable device with an iPhone and then restoring it with IPSW file via iTunes will no longer work.

Nevertheless, if you are among the affected users, here are a few steps to fix the issue with the WatchOS 2 update not showing up under Software Update section (courtesy Bidness ETC):

Note: Perform the first two steps only if you are signed into the Apple beta programs.

Step 1: On the paired iPhone, launch the Settings app. Go to General > Profile and the iOS 9 Beta profile will be listed there. Go ahead and delete it.

Step 2: With Apple Watch paired to your phone, launch the Watch app. Under Settings, go to General and open Profile. Once again, just delete the iOS 9 Beta profile.

Step 3: Reboot your Apple Watch and your iPhone.

Step 4: Reset your iPhone's network settings after the reboot. To do so, go to General > Reset under Settings app and tap on Reset Network Settings. Confirm the prompt to begin the reset process.

Wait until the iPhone reboots and then launch the watch app to start the update again. Now, the WatchOS 2 update should be available for download. You should be able to download and install it within a few hours, depending upon your internet speed.

In case you get stuck on the verifying screen during the update process for longer periods than expected (a couple of hours at the max), then you can try the following workaround to fix the slow installation issues, once the download completes (courtesy Bidness ETC):

Note: The first two steps are mandatory only if you were enrolled in the Apple beta program.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Profile. Locate the iOS 9 beta entry and delete it.

Step 2: Launch the Watch app on the paired iPhone. Navigate to Settings > General > Profile and delete the iOS 9 beta entry.

Step 3: Reboot your iPhone along with your Apple Watch.

Step 4: Once the iPhone reboots, navigate to Settings > General > Reset and choose to Reset Network Settings. Restart the WatchOS 2 update from the Watch app and let the process complete.

That's it. The Watch OS 2 installation should no longer get stuck on the verifying screen and the process will complete as expected.