While happiness is a universal concept, how people find it in their lives can be very personal. For entrepreneurs Natalia Zubizarreta and Natalie Monroe, their craft has been part of their pursuit of happiness. They also agree that people are the most productive when they are happy.

Natalia Zubizarreta and Natalie Monroe
Natalia Zubizarreta and Natalie Monroe Natalia Zubizarreta and Natalie Monroe

Natalia Zubizarreta is one of Spain's leading interior designers. A difficult childhood resulted in her dream of creating beautiful spaces. Specializing in the Basque style of design, Zubizarreta focuses her work on matching client personas so they can truly connect with their homes. Thanks to her expertise and aesthetic talents, it is not uncommon for people to give her complete creative control over their properties.

Allowing intuition to guide the creative process, Natalia Zubizarreta does not take shortcuts. She believes in hard work and dedication, pillars that drive her to exceed client expectations. Yet, she finds her job enthralling as she takes great pride and joy in her work. Believing that happiness propels productivity, Natalia Zubizarreta uses the fundamentals of psychology to lead her team and conduct therapy workshops, personal coaching, and growth seminars. Zubizarreta is a staunch believer in sharing happiness through her work.

Instagram star Natalie Monroe views happiness as the greatest return on investment, with the investment being developing one's own self. While the world was crumbling under the pandemic-enforced lockdowns, Monroe made the most of the situation by growing her brand and digital footprint. Despite a tough first year, long days, and lots of hard work, Natalie Monroe is perfectly content being her own boss.

By focusing on her investment in happiness, Natalie Monroe has learned to tune out negative comments and internet trolls. Instead, she focuses her attention on personal interaction with her followers to help them through the pandemic. Monroe is also a big believer in using her digital footprint to provide motivation. She took her own advice by persisting even when the odds were against her.

Natalia Zubizarreta and Natalie Monroe have built thriving careers based on talent, determination, motivation, and most importantly, the belief that pursuing your passion leads to happiness and productivity. Their clients and followers drive them to excel and further fuel their ambitions. If you are trying to figure out how to find happiness in your job, you might want to consider the advice of these successful boss women.