Formally incorporating a business in the US may be described as the process of registering any specific company in the eyes of the law and according to regulations according to the particular state rulings. According to research and the US Small Business Administration, should a business require registration as a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, or partnership, it would probably need to be registered with the specific state that the business activities are conducted within.


Entrepreneurs abroad may potentially view the US as a prime environment to expand to when thinking about business formation and establishment. Incorporating a business within the US by using online formation and registered agent services may potentially allow business owners from the UK to project a physical presence. Essentially what this would mean is that these specific business owners may potentially not be required to be present in the US to incorporate in the US since online tools and formation companies like ZenBusiness, IncFil, and LegalZoom may possibly handle the legal obligations and administrative tasks on behalf of the business.

Comparing Online Formation Companies

For European business owners, comparing and weighing out pros and cons, for example, Zenbusiness VS Legalzoom, may seem like a time-consuming and endless task to figure out the best possible option for business requirements. However, according to research, the potential top three business formation companies that offer services with good reviews include, LegalZoom, Incfile, and ZenBusiness.


According to market studies, LegalZoom may possibly have the most brand power than any other company in their industry. By aiding with business formation services since 1999, this company has helped to form more than 2 million businesses across the US. With expanded customer service hours, they increase their accessibility availability time for busy business owners who need answers later in their days.


Incfile is probably known most for its affordability and economically friendly packages; with its starter pack formation package that is approximately priced at $0 + the state fee, Incfile may be a viable option for smaller business owners looking to develop their businesses professionally. With more than 500 000 businesses formed, this company also potentially provides a variety of features that may potentially suit many entrepreneurs' needs and requirements.


For business owners looking for an overall contender in business formation and registered agent services, ZenBusiness may possibly be an ideal choice. Since 2015, the company has added more than 150 000 businesses with business establishment, consequently leading to a plethora of positive reviews about the online company. For $39, business owners have the ability to gain the starter package, which includes a 12-month registered agent service, customizable operating agreement documentation as well as a worry-free accounting assessment together with the fundamental formation services.

How Companies Abroad may Benefit from Using Online Formation Services

According to statistics, it may be established that businesses looking to expand their company as well as increase their revenue stream could possibly consider expansion within the US. With global employment solutions, these online formation services may alleviate difficulties of growth within a country that the business owner does not reside in.

Despite the aspect of convenience, a good online formation service has the potential to aid European business owners to explore reasonable locations for their business as well as aid in choosing a suitable legal structure that may potentially differ from local structures.

For business owners looking to save both time and money, online incorporation services that offer registered agent assistance have the ability to minimize the risk of legal trouble and incorporation risk, and they may very well provide expertise on the local market.

Final Thoughts

Business expansion into the US may be assumed to provide UK business owners with a refreshed customer base in a new area of product or service demand. Using online formation companies like LegalZoom, ZenBusiness, and Incfile could likely make entry into America more seamless and stress-free for potential eager entrepreneurs since expansion into America may somewhat allow for a healthy second revenue stream apart from European resources. This potentially implies that should the local economy standard drop; foreign development should help possibly allow for backup revenue streams for these particular business owners.

Ultimately business formation services have the capacity to aid UK European business owners to expand with stability and security of peace of mind; this may potentially lead to higher rates of succession and to lower risk possibilities. Since the American business sector has alternatives and various laws that may be different from the UK, these business owners may not understand the taxation obligations and legal requirements that are necessary for formally established businesses. Online formation companies have the likely capacity to handle these administrative duties since they are experienced and have learned how the American business law works and which state regulations are necessary to oblige. Companies from the UK who may use services offered by LegalZoom, ZenBusiness, or Incfile may potentially be rest assured that all the essential steps for the business formation process will be done correctly and be legally compliant with the respective and particular state rules and regulations.