Donald Trump
Trump's presidency has had a dramatic impact on the way the world sees America REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Donald Trump's presidency has been tumultuous, to say the least – and it has had a major impact on how the world sees the US.

A survey of 37 countries by the Pew Research Center has found a median of just 22% have confidence in Trump to do the right thing regarding international affairs.

This is a dramatic drop from the Obama administration years, in which a median of 64% expressed confidence in the president's role in world matters.

The survey found that ratings for Trump are similar to those for his predecessor George W Bush, whose key foreign policies were unpopular globally throughout most of his presidency.

This pattern is visible in Western Europe, particularly in the UK, France, Germany and Spain, where confidence in the president has plummeted since Trump took office.

President Obama was well-regarded in Germany, but the same cannot be said for Trump. Confidence in the current president among Germans is low.

Unsurprisingly, Trump's America is hugely unpopular in neighbouring Mexico. This is largely because of the proposed wall along the border of the two countries, one of Trump's high-profile pledges during his presidential campaign.

In Mexico, Trump's rating stands at just 5%, and more than nine out of ten Mexicans oppose the wall.

The story is very different in Russia and Israel, where favourability towards the US has risen and Trump is relatively popular.

Israelis give the US some of its highest favourability ratings, with 81% saying they have a positive view of the US this year. It is one of the only two countries – the other being Russia – in which Trump's ratings are higher than Obama's during the final two years of his administration.

Amid ongoing investigations into links between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia, attitudes in the country have become more positive towards America.

Trump also receives lower ratings in Canada.

For the first time since the Pew Research Center began polling in the country, the proportion of Canadians expressing a favourable opinion of the US has dropped to below half. Only 43% of Canadians now have a positive view of the US.