One of Donald Trump's most infamous policies is his proposal for a wall on the border of the United States and Mexico - a cornerstone of his presidential campaign.

It is, unsurprisingly, hugely unpopular among Mexicans, with more than nine out of ten opposing the wall.

According to data from the Pew Research Center, Trump's Mexico wall is also his most unpopular policy around the rest of the world.

A median of just 16% endorse the president's plan. There is no country among the 37 surveyed in which a majority endorsed the border-wall policy.

Crucially, none of Trump's five major policy proposals are popular globally.

The president's travel ban on people from Muslim-majority countries entering the US is also unpopular - particularly in Jordan, Lebanon and Senegal.

Yet more than half of people in Hungary, Poland, Israel and Russia support the ban.

Trump pledged to withdraw the US from the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran, a policy only supported with a majority in Israel and Jordan.

Likewise, Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement is hugely unpopular in most countries - particularly in Europe.

A median of only 19% support the US in backing away from accords like the one signed in Paris – similar to the low level of support for the US rejecting major trade agreements.