*Warning contains graphic material.

One year on since the death of the Libyan dictator colonel Gaddafi last year in his home town Sirte and a newly released report and footage from The Human Rights Watch organisation, show the final moments of Gaddafi and evidence which implicates Libyan militias in an apparent execution of dozens of detainees .

The charity obtained unedited mobile footage that showed militia fighters abusing Gaddafi as they took him into custody in February 2011.He is seen bleeding heavily from head wounds

This shows the bodies of 66 militias who are said to have been killed in what constitutes the largest documented execution of detainees by anti-Gaddafi forces during last year's conflict.

Heba Moraye from the Human Rights watch is concerned that the Libyan authorities have not investigated this nearly a year later and that the militias are still a law unto themselves

Gaddafi and his son Mo'tassim were captured after rebels seized Tripoli. They died while in the custody of fighters loyal to the country's new leadership and their bodies were put on display in Misrata.

Written and presented by Ann Salter