Human remains have seemingly been found by shocked engineers in an Aldi car park.

The grisly find, unearthed at the site in Stalybridge, Greater Manchester, appear to be a human skull and shoulder blade buried face down.

Police were called to the supermarket just after 2pm on Tuesday (21 November) as the car park was being excavated.

A photograph posted on Facebook by Stalybridge council shows contractors and local officials looking down at the grim find in the partially excavated site.

The site is believed to be a former burial ground on the grounds of an old chapel, reported Manchester Evening News. The car park belonged to Tameside Council before it was sold to the popular budget supermarket chain.

Greater Manchester Police has launched an investigation to confirm whether the bones are in fact human.

If they are human, officers will then probe whether they are from the old burial ground – or if they were placed there more recently.

Witnesses said contractors stopped work abruptly at the site after heavy machinery churned up the old car park behind Melbourne Street, in the centre of town.

Police remained at the scene yesterday afternoon, covering the find with a protective tent.

In August, police in Belfast conducted a widespread search after reports claimed a group of playing children had stumbled across a human head.

But after a search of Ballygomartin road in the west of the city, where the find was made, the Police Service of Northern Ireland said "nothing untoward has been found on this occasion".