Bluemont Vineyards
(File picture) There were reports of a mass brawl at the site Reuters

A winery in Long Island has lost its licence to serve alcohol after it allegedly hosted a party which ended up in fights, public sex and defecation in the streets. The New York State Liquor Authority ordered the suspension for Vineyard 48 in Cutchogue after repeated incidents at the winery.

Christopher R. Riano, the liquor authority's counsel, said: "Vineyard 48 has amassed a disturbing record of repeatedly serving patrons far beyond the point of extreme intoxication, straining police resources and wreaking havoc on their neighbours and the surrounding community."

The suspension came after neighbours complained about the most recent incident which took place on the 30 September. Around 400 guests at the winery, impatient with the queues at the toilets, opted to instead urinate and defecate inside the gardens of nearby houses.

There were also reports that the group of 400 were involved in a mass brawl. But the owner of the vineyard, Peter Sullivan, hit back at the allegations, vowing to get the suspension reversed.

He said: "They allege that there were 400 drunk patrons [fighting] and we have videotape showing that it's six people — a son and his mom and a drunk girl and two girlfriends yelling at each other."

But authorities claim that this isn't the first incident to take place at the site. Riano said: "The disturbing incidents of September 30 are only the most recent in a long line of resident complaints and police encounters at Vineyard 48."

The site will face a hearing to determine whether the suspension will be maintained or rescinded.