Police in the US state of Florida are investigating a suspected child assault case that took place inside the bathroom of a Chick-fil-A.

The incident took place on Friday 6 October in a branch of the restaurant in Orlando.

David Gray was arrested after witness entered the bathroom of the eatery and saw him engaging in a sexual act with a female child.

The witness heard noise from inside one of the cubicles and then flushed his toilet to act as a warning to Gray who looked under the toilet partition with a panicked expression.

The witness then looked over to see the sexual assault taking place.

Gray pulled out a stun gun on the witness who, fearing for his safety, let Gray through. He and the child then left the restaurant.

The police were promptly called who managed to locate and then arrest Gray near to the restaurant.

When Gray was disturbed in the bathroom, he was sat in a wheelchair, but when taken away by police, he was seen walking.

Gray has been charged with sexual battery on a child and lewd battery.

According to reports, Gray is a daycare worker who regularly takes children to the restaurant.

The age of the child in question is unknown, but Orlando Police described them as a "very small child."