The UK has been told to brace itself for 80mph (128kmph) winds as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo look set to batter the country.

A 'Yellow' weather warning has been issued by the Met Office for most of Britain as the hurricane which struck the Bermuda over the weekend makes its way across the Atlantic.

More than half the inhabitants of the tiny British territory islands have been left without power after Hurricane Gonzalo tore through Bermuda and flattened its power lines.

Initially graded as a Category 4 storm, Gonzalo was downgraded to a Category 2 just before it hit Bermuda on 17 October.

The storm will weaken further as it makes its way towards the UK, with the strongest winds expected to arrive on Tuesday morning (21 October).

A Met Office spokesperson said: "Whilst Monday night will see wet and windy conditions sweeping eastwards, the strongest winds are expected to occur after the rain clears and winds veer northwesterly through Tuesday morning.

"Gusts exceeding 55 mph are likely inland, with 60 to 70 mph gusts in some exposed coastal areas in the west and possibly to around 80 mph around coasts in northern Scotland."

The weather warning has been issued across the UK over fears about the possible disruption to travel conditions and damage to trees as a result of Hurricane Gonzalo, especially during morning rush hour.

"Fallen leaves impeding drainage increases the risk of surface water affecting roads, while some damage to trees is possible, given that many are still in full leaf," the Met Office added.