This is the sad image of a young girl disfigured by massive swelling who is doomed to die because her family cannot afford health care.

Tragic Runa Begum's head has expanded way out of proportion to her body in order to accommodate fluid on her brain.

Doctors are shocked by the startling case but fear it is too late to save the life of the baby, in Argatala, India.

She has hydrocephalus - or water on the brain, a condition which can be cured by an operation costing £1,000.

One side-effect of it has been to lift up Runa's facial features, so that her eyeballs are now almost completely obscured by her eye sockets.

It should be treated soon after birth to stop the liquid from running to the head instead of circulating around the body. But operating now would probably kill her.

More than 400,000 children develop the condition every year and the vast majority of them live in the developing world, where access to medical help is often scarce.