• Australia defeat India and seal a place in the final against New Zealand
  • Australia win by 95 runs
  • Australia 328/7 from 50 overs
  • Smith 105, Yadav 4/72
  • India 233/10 in 46.5 overs
  • Dhoni 65/ Faulkner 3/59
Steven Smith
Steve Smith celebrates after reaching his century during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi Final match between Australia and India [Getty]

Thanks for joining us for yet another good match between Australia and India in the semi final of the 2015 ICC World Cup. We have one more match remaining in this tournament, which is the final between Australia and New Zealand. We are signing off now and will be back for one last game of this World Cup on Sunday. Do join us, good bye for now.


India captain MS Dhoni leave SCB after presentation


Australia captain Michael Clarke

"Obviously really excited, the boys played some outstanding cricket, Smithy's hitting the ball so sweetly and I was really proud of the execution of our bowlers. A lot of the guys sacrificed themselves for the team.

"Thanks to MS Dhoni and the India team, they've given a lot over the summer... You asked if MS was going to be at the next World Cup, I'm sure he will be, he has a lot of cricket in him. Losing to New Zealand [in the group stage] gave us a kick up the backside, the boys have turned up to training and the results have showed that.

"It's a wonderful achievement, we're proud to make the final but it's going to be tough against New Zealand. We'll fly to Melbourne, recover tomorrow, speak about training. It's been a long summer, we've got a few aches, mentally ready for the final but physically a few things to sort out. They're a great team, it's always good to play New Zealand, we hope plenty of Aussies come out to support us."


Match Summary so far


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India captain MS Dhoni

"They played very good cricket, over 300 is always a difficult score, I felt it was just over par, they could have had 350. We started okay but they bowled well, they got the reverse swing going. We were happy with where we were at the start of the tournament.

"We got off to a very good start, Shikhar's dismissal was slightly on the softer side, at a time when we could have had the bowling under pressure. Didn't really need to play a big shot. But you get pressure chasing 300+, makes you do things you don't want to do.

"There was too much [for me to do], our lower order can't contribute too much in these conditions. Most of the good teams bat quite deep. Not sure [about next World Cup], I'm 33, I'm still running, still fit. Next year, T20 World Cup, will be time to decide about 2019 or not.

"[Players improved?] Rahane is one, right through the Tests, ODIs, he's improved his batting a lot.I would like to thank the fans, at the end of the day when you play cricket you want people to come and watch, we've been here four months and the fans are travelling all over."


The winning team coach and winning team players


Player of the second semi final


Steven Smith after being named man of the match

Certainly does [feel good], we thought 330 was around par, we had to bowl and field well, the boys did a terrific job, so hang on Melbourne. [Pleased with performance] Big stage tonight, semi-final of a World Cup, just nice to get over the line at the end.

I always think of those people who've helped you along the way, really happy where everything at the moment and looking forward to Melbourne. [Rahane review] Me and Maxi thought 'I'm sure he hit that', they looked upstairs and there it was.

Nice one to get. [Runs left for the final] Hope so, another big hundred would be nice, going to be an amazing moment to play a World Cup final against New Zealand, in our conditions at the MCG.


The two co-hosts will face each other in the final of the 2015 ICC World Cup. Same thing happened in 2011 as India took on Sri Lanka in the final in Mumbai, which was won by India.


Steven Smith's 105 runs off 93 balls has helped him being named the man of the match.


Australia qualify for the 2015 ICC World Cup final by defeating India by 95 runs. They will face New Zealand in the final on Sunday at MCG.


Over 46: India 233 for 10: Mohammed Shami 1 (1)

Starc to continue and a thick outside edge goes in between keeper and slip for a single. Starc bowls a short delivery and it hits Yadav's helmet. That was a nasty blow. OUT, Yadav is bowled out by Starc and that is the end of the match. Australia qualify for the finals.


WICKET...!!! Umesh Yadav 0 (5) b Starc


Steve Smith of Australia celebrates after reaching his century during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi Final match between Australia and India.

Steven Smith
Steve Smith celebrates after reaching his century during the 2015 Cricket World Cup Semi Final match between Australia and India [Getty]


Over 45: India 232 for 9: Umesh Yadav 0 (1), Mohammed Shami 0 (0)

Faulkner replaces Johnson and Ashwin is on strike. Three dot balls. OUT, Ashwin moves away from the stumps and misses it. The ball hits the stumps. Mohit Sharma is the new man and is on strike. OUT, Same shot as Ashwin and also a same result. He bowled and that brings Umesh Yadav in the middle. A maiden an two wickets from the over.


WICKET...!!! Mohit Sharma 0 (1) b Faulkner


WICKET...!!! R Ashwin 5 (13) b Faulkner


Over 45: India 232 for 7: R Ashwin 5 (9), Mohammed Shami 0 (0)

Starc is brought back into the attack. Dhoni takes a single off the first ball. Followed by a single off a no ball from Ashwin to third man. OUT, Dhoni wanted a quick single and Maxwell's direct hit from mid wicket brings an end to his innings and also India's hope as well.

Shami is the new man and will start from the non strikers end. A dot ball is followed by a single from Ashwin to end the over.


WICKET...!!! MS Dhoni 65 (64) run out


Over 44: India 228 for 6: R Ashwin 3 (5), MS Dhoni 64 (62)

Johnson starts his last over with a dot ball, followed by a single from a single. Ashwin gets off the strike with one more single. One more single from Dhoni, followed by two more singles to end the over. Dhoni retains the strike.


Over 43: India 223 for 6: R Ashwin 1 (3), MS Dhoni 61 (58)

Shane Watson is brought back into the attack. Dhoni is on strike. SIX, Dhoni smashes it over deep cover for a six. That brings DHONI's 50. SIX, Dhoni goes down the ground and he lashes over mid off for second consecutive six. Full and Dhoni takes a single on the leg side.

Ashwin is on strike, a swing and a miss. He then places it to third man and gets off the mark with a single. Dhoni finishes the over with a single and retains the strike.


Over 42: India 208 for 6: R Ashwin 0 (1), MS Dhoni 47 (54)

Johnson is brought back into the attack and he will bowl his ninth over. Dhoni is on strike and starts with a single. Jadeja slices it to third man for another single. One more single to mid off from Dhoni. India need boundaries at this stage and not singles.

OUT, Dhoni wanted a quick single after nudging it to gully. A direct hit at the strikers end puts Jadeja in trouble. Replay shows he was short and that is the end of Jadeja. R Ashwon will replace him and will take strike for the last ball off the over. Ends the over with a dot ball.