• India defeat Ireland by 8 wickets
  • Ireland win the toss and elected to bat first
  • Ireland 259/10 in 49 overs
  • Niall O'Brien 75, Shami 3/41
  • India are 260/2 from 36.5 overs
  • Dhawan 100, Thompson 2/45
Shikar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan scored his second century of the World Cup against Ireland. [Getty]

That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our Live coverage of the game between India and Ireland, where India went on to win the match comfortably. Thanks for joining us. Goodbye for now.


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Virat Kohli is congratulated by his captain MS Dhoni after India's win over Ireland in 2015 ICC World Cup clash.

Virat Kohli-MS Dhoni


#TwitterMirror of the Day.


MS Dhoni


William Porterfield:

There's a lot of good things to take, the first innings, slightly disappointing because we could have got an extra 15-20, but you have to give a lot of credit to them, kept fighting and coming back, and made it look very easy with the bat.

[Ashwin] bowled very well, mixed his pace very well, there was a bit of grip as well. We just lost a couple of wickets and that set us back. It's all about being mentally fresh for that game in Adelaide, it's a winner takes all for us.


How Ireland can qualify for the World Cup


India retain the top spot and will finish the group stage fixtures on top, irrespective of the result in the last Group B fixture against Zimbabwe.


Shikhar Dhawan after winning the man of the match

I've spent lots of time to figure out my game. I'm used to the bounce and pace and I'm enjoying my game here. Everyone has spent a lot of time here, the communication of the team has gone up.

With the time boys have learned, got experience. It's lovely when we're on the field, seeing the bowlers bowling so quick and in the right areas. I always mark myself 10 out of 10 [when asked to rate his innings]. I'd say I played more creatively, I enjoyed that creativity, playing my shots, using bowlers' mind.


Sir Richard Hadlee gives the Man of the Match trophy to Shikhar Dhawan.


MS Dhoni moves to second spot with captains having more number of consecutive wins in the World Cup and he now joins two-time World Cup winning West Indies captain Clive Llyod, with 9 wins.


India are unbeaten in this World Cup with 5 wins from 5 matches and a top spot in now confirmed with the latest win over Ireland.


Shikhar Dhawan is named Man of the Match for his 100 off 85 balls.


India win the fifth Group B clash of the World Cup by 8 wickets against Ireland.


Over 37: India 260 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 33 (28), Virat Kohli 44 (42)

Kevin O'Brien replaces Mooney and a straight drive from Kohli hits the bowlers hand. He gets a single. It is followed by another single from Rahane towards deep extra cover. One dot ball from Kohli, followed by another one. FOUR, Kohli smashes it to deep extra cover boundary to seal fifth win of the World Cup.


Over 36: India 254 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 32 (27), Virat Kohli 38 (37)

Cusack continues and starts with a huge wide on the leg side. Kohli gets off the strike with a single. FOUR, Rahane cuts it through the third man bundary after beating the fielder inside the circle.

A dot ball is followed by a single from Rahane. FOUR, a little bit of width and a front foot square cut to the boundary. Kohli finishes the over with a single.


Over 35: India 242 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 27 (24), Virat Kohli 33 (35)

John Mooney continues to Rahane and he starts the over by leaving the ball. Mooney hits on the pad and Ireland players appeal. Umpire is not interested and they immediately review it. The replay and hawkeye suggests it is umpire's call and the original decision stands.

Rahane continues for now and he then takes a quick single, which brings Kohli on strike. Kohli's cover drive gets a hand from the fielder at extra cover, resulting in one run. FOUR, a thick edge and the ball races to the third man boundary to finish the over.


Over 34: India 236 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 22 (19), Virat Kohli 32 (34)

India take batting powerplay and Cusack is brought back into the attack. Kohli takes a single to start the over to mid on followed by a single from Rahane. FOUR, Kohli finds the gap betwen short third man and short backward point. He uses the wrist and the ball races to the boundary. Kohli then takes a single to get off the strike.

Rahane's straight down the ground and a good piece of fielding helps him get only one run. Kohli finishes the over with a dot ball.


India take batting Powerplay


Shikhar Dhawan of India celebrates scoring a century as Kevin O'Brien of Ireland looks on during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match.

Shikar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan scored his second century of the World Cup against Ireland. [Getty]


Over 33: India 228 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 20 (17), Virat Kohli 26 (30)

John Mooney is brought back into the attack. Starts with a wide on the off side. One dot ball from Rahane after a wide. FOUR, Rahane times it well and a cover drive between deep extra cover and deep cover for a boundary gets him four runs. One more wide is followed by a dot ball.

FOUR, glorious short from Rahane and an excellent drive towards the same place as the one he hit earlier in the over. 10 runs from the over and it is time for drinks break


This is very interesting stat on Dhawan.


Over 32: India 218 for 2: Ajinkya Rahane 12 (11), Virat Kohli 26 (30)

Thompson to continue and Kohli walks down the pitch and places it to deep midwicket. He gets one run. Rahane then nudges it to third man for a single. Kohli opens the face the bat and sends it to backward point and gets a run. FOUR, Rahane uses the pace of the ball and slices it by opening the face of the bat to backward point boundary. A single to long on to finish the over.