India take on Pakistan in their opening game of the 2015 ICC World Cup at the Adelaide Oval. Getty

That's it from me for today. India start the 2015 ICC World Cup with a win over their arch-rivals. The defending champions take onSouth Africa next Sunday. Pakistan, on the other hand will face West Indies on Saturday.


Players from both teams shake hands after the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan at Adelaide Oval.



Man of the Match: Virat Kohli's 107 (126) has seen him being named the Player of the match

Virat Kohli


Indian fans in the crowd celebrate as a Pakistan wicket falls during the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan at Adelaide Oval.



Misbah-ul-Haq was Pakistan's top scorer with 76 runs.

Mohammed Shami: 4/35,

Umesh Yadav: 2/50

Mohit Sharma: 2/35


India win the World Cup opening match by defeating Pakistan by 76 runs


Over 47: Pakistan 224 for 10: Sohaial Khan 4 (7), Irfan 0 (2)

India are edging towards victory as Mohit Sharma is bowling his ninth over. Tail enders Sohail Khan and Irfan are in the crease and India need one more wicket to seal a historic win.

Sohail Khan takes a single and gets Irfan on strike. Mohit Sharma is bowling outside off stump and Irfan is struggling to touch the ball. He is finally off the mark after nudging one towards the long on. Sohail Khan hits high in the air and Yadav runs from long on to take a simple catch, which ends Pakistan's innings.


WICKET...!!! Sohail Khan 7 (10) c Yadav b Mohit Sharma


Over 46: Pakistan 220 for 9: Sohaial Khan 4 (7), Irfan 0 (2)

Shami comes around the wicket and he tries to hook, only for it to fall just short of the player at square leg. Misbah decides against taking a single as he wants to retain the strike. However, he is sent back to the pavilion as Rahane takes a simple catch at mid on.

Mohammad Irfan is the last man to walk in the middle. Shami's bouncer passes close to Irfan's face. Brilliant over as Shami gets a wicket maiden.


WICKET...!!! Misbah-ul-Huq 76 (84) c Rahane b Shami


Over 45: Pakistan 220 for 8: Misbah-ul-Haq 75 (77), Sohaial Khan 4 (7)

Yadav is bowling his final over and he is looking to finish his quote of 10 overs with a wicket. After conceding over a run a ball, he has managed to comeback by taking three crucial wickets in the middle.

Sohail Khan joins the party and he gets off the mark by smashing to the boundary to the mid wicket. 5 runs from the over and Yadav finishes his spell.


Over 44: Pakistan 215 for 8: Misbah-ul-Haq 76 (80), Sohaial Khan 0 (1)

Jadeja is bowling his final over and before the start of the over, Sohail Khan has a verbal argument with Virat Kohli. Luckily it was ended by the on field umpire and Misbah manages three consecutive boundaries of the same over. 12 runs off the over.


Over 43: Pakistan 203 for 8: Misbah-ul-Haq 63 (71), Sohaial Khan 0 (1)

Mohit Sharma replaces Yadav, who has restricted Pakistan from keeping the score board ticking. Shami had the chance to send back Yasri to the pavilion, but his drop catch helped him take two more runs.

However, Yasir Shah manages to get him out the very next ball and his dismissal can come as a relief for Shami. Sohail Khan in the new man, who faces Mohit Sharma's last ball of the over.


WICKET...!!! Yasir Shah 13 (23) c U Yadav b Mohit Sharma


Over 42: Pakistan 200 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 63 (71), Yasir Shah 11 (21)

Yasir Shah slog sweeps Ashwin's delivery and gets four runs. There was a chance of LBW as Indian players appeal, which was turned out down by the umpire. Four runs off it.


Over 41: Pakistan 195 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 63 (71), Yasir Shah 7 (15)

Yadav continues to attack as he bowls his ninth over. Yasir Shah is on strike and there was a mix up in the middle, which could have led to a run out. Yasir then manages to take a single, which brings Misbah on strike. Good over for India as just one run conceded off it.


Over 40: Pakistan 194 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 63 (69), Yasir Shah 6 (11)

Misbah reverse sweeps and the ball runs to the boundary beating the fielder in gully. He then takes a single and gives the strike to Yasir Shah, who takes another single. Jadeja came close to sending Misbah back to the pavilion, only for him to miss the stumps.


Over 39: Pakistan 188 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 58(65), Yasir Shah 5 (9)

Yadav is re-introduced into the attack and bowls outside off stump and it's been called a wide by the umpire. No run conceded of the immediate next two deliveries as Misbah takes a single in the third ball.

Yadav has been very impressive in his second and third spell. Yasir Shah nudges to third man for a single, which will not hurt India. Misbah finishes the over with another single.


Over 38: Pakistan 184 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 56 (61), Yasir Shah 4 (7)

Jadeja has been successful in further restricting Pakistan from scoring in his over as he finishes the over by conceding just three runs.


Over 37: Pakistan 181 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 55 (58), Yasir Shah 2 (4)

Yasir Shah takes a single and gives Misbah the strike, who takes the aerial route and clear mid off fielder for a boundary. He then flicks behind gully and gets two more runs, which helps him reach half century.

Very clever batting from Misbah as he is finding the gaps in the field and places through square leg for his second boundary of the over. He takes a single and that is the end of the power play.


Over 36: Pakistan 169 for 7: Misbah-ul-Haq 44 (53), Yasir Shah 1 (3)

Ashwin replaces Yadav and Misbah sends the first ball to the stands over square leg for six. He is not interested in singles as he finds the gap and manages a couple before finally taking a single. Yasir Shah takes another single and Misbah places through gully and point for a boundary.