• West Indies defeat Pakistan by 160 runs
  • Pakistan won the toss and Misbah-ul-Haq elected to bowl first
  • Pakistan need 311 runs to win the match
  • Darren Bravo to have MRI on his injured left hamstring. Full results will be known tomorrow
  • Pakistan 25/4 for 10 overs
  • Andre Russell is Man of the Match
Sohail Khan

That's it from us. Hope you'll enjoyed IBTimes UK's live blog between Pakistan and West Indies. We will meet once again tomorrow for the big clash between India and South Africa. Until then, take care.


Jason Holder:

Wonderful performance, batted really well. Russell and Sammy and Simmons and Ramdin really put their hand up at the end. Jerome Taylor bowled brilliantly and I supported him well, and we applied a lot of pressure with those early wickets. We lost the first game and we needed to make amends here, really pleased we did that.



Tough day, especially after winning the toss. There was a little bit in the pitch, could not really exploit that. Gave away too many runs in the last few overs. Last two games boys bowled really well in the death overs. You could say credit should be given to the West Indians, they really cashed in, last 5-6 overs.

Sometimes lack of confidence just does wonders like that. The guys up front are struggling a little bit. First 10 overs, in New Zealand conditions, it was seaming a little bit, they bowled really well, we could not negotiate the new ball. It's always difficult. Performances like that can dent you, damage you, we have some time, next game is nine days away.


Man of the Match: Andre Russell

The way the game was set up was perfect for me to finish the innings off. Well done to the batters, they did a good job in the middle. The start from Jerome Taylor and Jason Holder, the platform was set up perfectly for me again.


Man of the Match: Andre Russell for 42* (13) and 3/33.


West Indies register first win of the 2015 ICC World Cup after defeating Pakistan by 150 runs.


Over 39: Pakistan 160 for 10: Mohammed Irfan 1 (10)

Sohail Khan and Irfan manage two singles of Benn's over. However, Sohail Khan then charges the ground, only for the ball to go high and get into keeper Ramdin's safe hands. He is the last man to be dismisses as West Indies register a victory.


WICKET...!!! Sohail Khan1 (8) c Ramdin b Benn


Over 38: Pakistan 158 for 9: Sohail Khan 0 (3), Mohammed Irfan 1 (10)

Russell continues to attack as West Indies are one wicket away from a victory. A very good over from Russell as he finishes a maiden over.


Over 37: Pakistan 158 for 9: Sohail Khan 0 (3), Mohammed Irfan 1 (4)

Afridi takes two runs of Benn's first delivery. He then tries to clear the fielder, only to give an easy catch to Holder at short midwicket. That is the end of Afridi and Mohammed Irfan is the last man to walk in the middle.


WICKET...!!! Shahid Afridi 28 (26) c Holder b Benn


Over 36: Pakistan 155 for 8: Sohail Khan 0 (3), Shahid Afridi 25 (22)

Russell and Ramdin are confident that the ball has knicked and gone to the keeper. West Indies use the review and the umpire gives the decision in their favour. That's the end of Riaz and West Indies are two wickets away from a win.

Sohail Khan replaces Riaz and he struggles to get off the mark from the same over.


WICKET...!!! Wahab Riaz 3 (13) c Ramdin b Russell


Over 35: Pakistan 154 for 7: Wahab Riaz 3 (10), Shahid Afridi 26 (24)

Benn puts more pressure on Afridi and Riaz ad the duo could manage only two singles from the left-arm spinner's over.


Over 34: Pakistan 152 for 7: Wahab Riaz 2 (6), Shahid Afridi 25 (22)

Russell continues to attack with the ball as Riaz struggles to take a run of first three deliveries. He then takes a single with a leg bye and gets Afridi on strike. Afridi smashes one above keepers head for four and finishes the over with a single.


Over 33: Pakistan 146 for 7: Wahab Riaz 2 (2), Shahid Afridi 20 (20)

Benn bowls his sixth over and both Afridi and Riaz rotate strike and take five runs from the over. Pakistan need boundaries during the powerplay and not singles.


Over 32: Pakistan 141 for 7: Wahab Riaz 1 (1), Shahid Afridi 16 (15)

After two singles of Russels' over, Akmal swings it away for a long-on boundary for a boundary. He then gives away his wicket as Dwayne Smith takes a simple catch to send back to the pavilion. Wahab Riaz replaces Akmal in the middle.


WICKET...!!! Umar Akmal 59 (71) c Smith b Russell


Over 31: Pakistan 133 for 6: Umar Akmal 54 (68), Shahid Afridi 14 (13)

Pakistan take batting powerplay and Benn concedes only three runs from the first over of the batting power play. The pressure is now on Akmal and Afridi.


Over 30: Pakistan 130 for 6: Umar Akmal 51 (63), Shahid Afridi 12 (12)

Afridi smashes three fours of Sammy and gets 12 runs from the over. The score board keeps ticking, but Pakistan needs more than that in order to seal a win.