• Pakistan win by 20 runs.
  • Pakistan 235/7 from 50 overs
  • Misbah 73, Wahab Riaz 54*
  • Zimbabwe 215/10 from 49.4 overs
  • Irfan 4/30, Wahab Riaz 4/45
Wahab Riaz
Wahab Riaz\'s 54 down the order helped Pakistan post a total of 235 runs against Zimbabwe. [Getty]

That's it from us for today. Hope you guys enjoyed our live blog between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. Thank you for joining us. See you next time. Until then, goodbye.


Today's win against Zimbabwe was Pakistan's first win of the 2015 ICC World Cup. They taken on the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in their upcoming clash on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe face Ireland on 7 March.


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Wahab Riaz once again. This time for #TwitterMirror


Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq

It was really tough, because it was make or break for us. We were in a must-win situation. You can't believe how happy we are, because we would be out of the tournament if we lost this game. Pitch wasn't easy, it was holding up, it was a bit two-paced.

When I went there I found it really difficult to rotate the strike. I was thinking if we could get to 250-260 it would be really challenging, because we had five regular bowlers. We were 15-20 runs short after losing those wickets, but the kind of quality the bowlers showed, the fielding was also good, credit should be given to the fast bowlers, the way they bowled today.

When there is extra bounce, Irfan is the kind of bowler, if somebody hasn't faced him before, it can be really difficult, especially in Australian conditions. We need to really work hard, because we need to improve our batting. Other teams are getting to 300, 280, 290. We need to start well and capitalis


Zimbabwe captain Elton Chigumbura

I'm still to go for a scan, I will know tomorrow morning. Today the bowling was much better, thought we executed well, but we gave away too many extras, if you are being critical about our bowling.

It's disappointing to lose a game like this when we felt we had a good chance of winning. Hamilton getting out was the turning point. We have to learn from this. We haven't had one guy scoring a hundred and carrying us through. That's where we need to improve.


Wahab Riaz

The discussion [with Misbah] was to play all 50 overs and if we take chances, we will do that in the last three or four overs, and rotate the strike till then. The team management are working really hard with me, they believe I can do something with my batting.

Thanks to them and thanks to Almighty Allah. In the start the ball was not coming on to the bat, not going through quickly, but we had to work hard, I think the way the fast bowlers and Shahid Afridi bowled, credit has to go to us. We know there were not many runs on the board and Irfan bowled really well. I want to dedicate this trophy to my dad and my mum. They will be really happy.


Pakistan fans are over the moon after their first win of the 2015 ICC World Cup.


Wahab Riaz was named as Man of the Match for his all round performance with bat and ball.


Pakistan win by 20 runs


Over 50: Zimbabwe 2125 for 10: Tendai Chatara 0 (0)

Wahab Riaz is bowling the last over and Chigumbura misses the ball. Chigumbura goes high up in the air and Jamshed had a chance of getting the wicket, but drops the catch. Zimbabwe take three runs.

Panyangara misses and Zimbabwe try to take a run. He runs towards the danger end and gets run out. Tendai Chatara is the new man in the middle and unless there is a wide or a no ball, Zimbabwe have no chance of winning the match.

Chigumbura gets out as he gives a simple catch to Akmal. That is the end of the match and Pakistan win by 20 runs.


WICKET...!!! Elton Chigumbura 35 (35) a Akmal b Riaz


WICKET...!!! Tinashe Panyangara 10 (28) run out


Over 49: Zimbabwe 212 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 10 (27), Elton Chigumbura 31 (31)

Irfan has asked to bowl the penultimate over of the match. Panyangara completely misses the ball as he walks down the pitch. Two dot balls and the pressure is on Zimbabwe. Third consecutive dot ball.

Zimbabwe need 28 from 9 balls. Panyangara takes a single and that brings Chigumbura back on strike. Chigumbura hits high in the air, but not well enough as he gets two runs at deep midwicket. Just a single to finish the over.


Zimbabwe need 28 runs from 12 balls


Over 48: Zimbabwe 208 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 9 (23), Elton Chigumbura 29 (29)

Wahab Riaz has two overs left and he will bowl the last two of the three overs. Zimbabwe need 34 runs off 18 balls. Nudged and Chigumbura takes a single. Panyangara is back on strike. In the air and it is not going to carry to the third man and they get only a single.

Zimbabwe need boundaries. A swing and a miss. That's good bowling from Pakistan. Slower delivery from Riaz and that ends up in a dot ball. Two runs off the first four deliveries.

Chigumbura smashes through deep extra cover for a boundary. Six runs from the over so far and Riaz ends the over with a dot ball.


Over 47: Zimbabwe 202 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 8 (22), Elton Chigumbura 24 (25)

Afridi is bowling his last over. Panyangara needs to give the strike to his skipper as the first two deliveries ends in dot balls. It is followed by another dot ball and the pressure is on Zimbabwe. It's all happening as Afridi bowls five dot balls in a row.

There was a chance of a stumping and the square leg umpire refers to upstairs. Panyangara's leg is inside the crease and it will be an easy decision for the third umpire. A maiden over from Afridi.


Over 46: Zimbabwe 202 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 8 (16), Elton Chigumbura 24 (25)

Sohail Khan continues and he starts the over with two dot balls. Panyangara takes a single, followed by a boundary from Chigumbura over the bowler's head. That brings Zimbabwe's 200. He then gets off the strike with a single. Panyangara finishes the over with a single.


Zimbabwe need 41 off 30 balls to win, Pakistan need two more wickets.


Over 45: Zimbabwe 195 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 6 (12), Elton Chigumbura 20 (22)

Shahid Afridi has come to bowl his ninth over and has not picked up a wicket. Two runs off the first two deliveries. The requited run rate is climbing as Zimbabwe are dealing in singles and dot balls.

Chigumbura slog sweeps it towards deep square leg boundary and gets four runs. It's all happening at and Afridi's over ends with a dot ball.


Over 44: Zimbabwe 189 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 5 (11), Elton Chigumbura 15 (18)

Sohail Khan continues his ninth over. Starts with a slower delivery and Chigumbura gives it straight to mid off. He then gets off the strike by taking a quick single. A good Yorker from Sohail Khan, results in no run.

Panyangara then leaves another quicker bouncer and it is another dot ball. He then places to extra cover for a single. Just two runs from first five deliveries and Chigumbura is on strike. Chigumbura takes a quick single and Panyangara was running to the dangerous end.

Sohail Khan picks up the ball and hits the stumps. Replay shows Panyangara just made it and he escapes now. End of the over.


Over 43: Zimbabwe 186 for 8: Tinashe Panyangara 4 (8), Elton Chigumbura 13 (15)

Afridi in his ninth over and concedes five runs from first five deliveries. He finishes the last ball of the over with a dot ball. Zimbabwe need big shots in order to help them reach the target.