Vanilla Ice
Surrey Police quote Vanilla Ice to warn motorists about cold weather (Wiki Commons)

Surrey Police have taken a novel approach to warning motorists about road safety in the cold weather by harnessing the message of rapper Vanilla Ice on Twitter.

The local police service told motorists that if "ice is a problem" they can solve it by visiting their road safety web page.

They followed with more rap-themed advice as temperatures plummet accross the home county:

"#IceIceSurrey#IceIceSurreySlowly, cuz the streets are freezin'Don't forget to clear off the windscreen.

"#IceIceSurrey#IceIceSurreyIf ice is a problem, yo, you can solve it,Check out this link while my DJ revolves it:"

One twitter user responded to the quirky tactic by praising Surrey Police, saying: "@SurreyPolice you truly are amazing"

The police suggest that in snowy or icy conditions, drivers should ensure they have enough fuel, should carry warm clothing, a blanket, a spade, food, water, a charged mobile phone and a torch.

They suggest: "De-ice windows and remove snow from your vehicle's roof. Make sure battery is fully charged.

"Select second gear to pull away, choose a lower gear going downhill and avoid braking too sharply.

"Make sure someone knows when you are leaving and when you aim to arrive. Allow extra time for your journey.

"Reduce your speed and increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front. If you start to skid, ease off the accelerator but never brake suddenly."