Lucy and Anna DeCinque, who were awarded the title of "world's most identical twins" in 2011, have everything the same in their life: including their boyfriend. But the girls from Perth, Australia, need help to make one more thing in their life identical — their breasts.

The 30-year-old twins will appear on the popular reality show Botched by E! where plastic surgeons doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif will help the fix damage to their breasts and make them look similar. "We eat the same, sleep the same, talk the same, but unfortunately, these aren't the same," the girls said in the promo released by the network.

According to a report by People, the girls underwent multiple surgeries and spent $200,000 (£130,000) to look exactly the same. However, their breast enhancement procedures left marks on their body and imbalanced their breast sizes.

"Growing up we were flat-chested As, completely nothing. We found our plastic surgeon through the yellow pages," Anna said to the camera.

"We didn't really research, which we should've. We just wanted breasts," her sister Lucy added. "Waking up from surgery we looked at our breasts, and were like, 'I just don't think they're identical.' "

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Apart from sharing showers, a job, Facebook account, and a car the sisters also share the same boyfriend and are extremely particular about doing everything exactly the same. In the promo, the sisters can be seen trying to balance the quantity if juice in their glasses to have the same amount.

"We've been eating the exact same thing, the same size quantity of our foods for about 10 years now," Anna said. "Cause I want my body to look like hers, she wants her body to look like mine. We don't want to weigh differently," Lucy explains.

Previously the cosmetic surgery sisters have had breast implants, lip enhancements and tattooed eyebrows to achieve exactly the same look.

The Botched episode featuring the boob job of the sisters will air on Tuesday 21 May at 9 pm ET on E!