Tony Blair
Tony Blair would face a multitude of dismissals were he part of Anthony Horowitz's world. Reuters

Everyday would be what?


As ruler, what would you keep and what would you change?

I would keep in touch with people. Too many rulers are too remote. I would change the way rulers are elected and make them more responsible for their actions.

Which public official(s) would you sack - and who would you hire?

I would sack Tony Blair from every position, honorary or otherwise that he holds. I would hire a team of international lawyers to prosecute him for Iraq.

Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Horowitz Getty Images

What makes you tick?

The desire to tell stories.

What are you best at?

Telling stories.

What or who is the greatest love of your life?

My wife, Jill Green. She is also the television producer who most often hires me.

What embarrasses you?

Forgetting peoples' names – often minutes after I have been introduced.

What is your greatest achievement?

Probably the Alex Rider series which has helped persuade many young people to enjoy reading.

What's your greatest extravagance?

I love buying automata...mechanical toys.

What is your biggest fear?

Dying when I am half-way through writing a book.

What makes you depressed?

Life. Also, how soon it will be over.

Lowdownapp on iPhone
The iPhone makes Anthony Horowitz's real - and imaginary - world go round. Lowdownapp

What's your favourite gadget or app?

Almost anything that begins with the (small) letter i. I am deeply wedded to my iPhone 6.

What tops your 20 most played iTunes tracks?

My taste is mainly classical so the answer is probably Vivaldi's Gloria.

With which historical figure do you identify most?

I suppose I identify with Charles Dickens – but that's not to say I have a tenth of his talent.

What is the government getting right - and what is it getting wrong?

Right: fewer attacks on civil liberties, an intelligent approach to business and entrepreneurship, attempting to raise educational standards, tackling debt.

Wrong: short-termism, no serious approach to literacy, a drugs policy that clearly isn't working, a refusal to grasp the nettle when it comes to the NHS.

What's your favourite pastime or hobby?

I love reading, theatre, films. I have never had a hobby.

What do you consider to be the most overrated virtue?


What are your favourite smells?

Snake baked inside bread loaf
Bread is one of Anthony's simplest and most deeply cherished pleasures (Credit: Reuters)

Fried onions, French cheese, freshly baked bread.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life?

Having more time. These days, I always seem to be in a rush.

What was your best holiday?

Skiing with my family in Vail, Colorado.

Where do you want to travel to next?

To the wilds of Alaska. I've never been there.

Anthony Horowitz OBE is a novelist and screenwriter. His work for television includes Foyle's War and Collision. He is perhaps best known for his Alex Rider children's novel series, which is due to be relaunched in April.

Tim Wapshott is a journalist who has written for the Guardian and Independent. He will be supplying a regular series of 'If I ruled the world' columns for IBTimes UK.